A Christmas Carol

  • Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
  • 13.11.12 - 17.11.12

Production Team

Director; Mark Feakins

Choreographer; Claire Harriott

Musical Director; Andrew Collis

Assistant Director; Sue Cox

Production Manager; Peter Brown


Cast List

Ebenezer Scrooge; Phill Probert

His Shadows; James Bell, Josh Chaim, Carolan Copley-Tucci, Laura Daykin, Mark

Harris, Anna Hollis, Carol Wibberley

Beadle; Phil Brownhill

Bankers; Tony Gallagher, Andrew Stansall

Banker’s Wife; Michaela Short

Charity Man; Matthew Bevan

Charwomen; Rosie Choppin, Marie Mason

Maid; Louise Goodhill

Mr Smythe; Steve Pashley

Grace Smythe; Leah Adie-Slingsby or Connie Campbell

Bob Cratchit; Andrew Hibbert

Harry; Ian Bell

Poulterer; Mathew Madeley

Poulterer’s Assistant; Jessica Barber

Chestnut Seller; Ellie Hudson

Old Joe; Ray Hawkins

Pantomime Girls; Lizzie Dodd, Carla Jane Wade

Mrs Cratchit; Viv Siberry Scott

Martha Cratchit; Katie Mather

Tiny Tim; Alice Banister or Paddy Brown

Fred Anderson, Scrooge’s Nephew; Adam Walker

Jonathan; Martha Armitage or Luke Harriott

Ghost of Christmas Present; Mark Holmes

Ghost of Christmas Past; Joelle Brabban

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be; Ciara Kelly

Jacob Marley; John Crowther

Mrs Mops; Rosie Dyson

Scrooge, as a boy; James Hadabora or Jack Skelton

Fan, Scrooge’s Sister; Pippa Crossland or Rosa Strong

John Scrooge, Scrooge’s Father; Brian Burke

Elizabeth Scrooge, Scrooge’s Mother; Gina Townend

Mr Fezziwig; Martin Scattergood

Mrs Fezziwig; Helen Kempton

Emily; Jenny Bingham

Fezziwig’s Assistant; Josh Holliday

Charlotte, the Fiddler; Nadi Gupta

Sally Anderson; Laura Whitlock