The world’s top musicals made in Sheffield

STOS Theatre Company produces the world’s top musicals at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre, made for and by the people of South Yorkshire.

STOS draws on the very best local talent, employs hugely experienced professional creative teams, and invests up to £100,000 on each show to ensure the production values are without equal. It performs exclusively at Sheffield’s 1,100 seat premier theatre venue.

Our shows have been seen by over 15,000 people in the last 3 years alone!

As well as actors, we need help with backstage and front of house. For more details about becoming a non-acting member, please use the contact form, and we’ll get in touch.

Performance Venue

STOS exclusively performs at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield.

Rehearsal Venue

Parkwood Academy

Longley Avenue West,

Sheffield, S5 8UL

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Committee and Patrons

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Phil Brownhill
  • Vice Chair: Sally Badham
  • Secretary: Judy McMurray
  • Treasurer: David Streeter
  • Assistant Secretary: Jill Beckett
  • Health and Safety Rep: Carla Jane Wade
  • Members Reps: Sue Cox; Janet Sanders; Viv Siberry Scott
  • President: Vacant
  • Ladies Committee Chair: Sue Russell
  • Ticket Secretary: Sue Russell
  • Patronage Secretary: Janet Sanders


Every year our patrons’ support helps us to produce high quality amateur theatre. If you would like to become a patron of STOS, please contact any member of the company. Benefits include priority ticket booking in advance of general sales, and acknowledgement of your support and a complimentary programme.

  • Mrs C Atack
  • Mrs L Brewster
  • Mr and Mrs C Handley
  • Mrs J Hawkins
  • Mrs P Hobson
  • Miss S Holliday
  • Mrs A Jenkins
  • Mr and Mrs F Kelly
  • Ms L Kelly
  • Mr and Mrs N Kenyon
  • Mr and Mrs R McMurray
  • Mrs S Russell
  • Mr & Mrs T Saunders
  • Mrs and Mrs H Schofield
  • Mr D Streeter
  • Mr and Mrs J Walton
  • Mrs J Ward
  • Mr and Mrs J Whitham
  • Mrs A Wright

NODA Long Standing Awards

STOS is proud to have the following members who have NODA Long Service Awards:

  • 50 Years: Pat Bunting, Hazel Handley, Pat Hobson, Janet Sanders
  • 45 Years: Pauline Conlin, Susan Cox, Susan McCormick, Susan Russell
  • 40 Years: Colin Handley
  • 35 Years: Tim Sanders
  • 30 Years: Brian Bevan, Maureen Bevan, Muriel Gillatt, Ray Hawkins, Margaret Kelly, Judy McMurray, David Streeter
  • 25 Years: Andrew Hibbert, Frank Kelly, David Mason
  • 20 Years: Jill Beckett, Mark Harris
  • 15 Years: Helen Kempton, Andrew Stansall, Alan Thompson, Adam Luke Walker, Judy Ward
  • 10 Years: Sally Badham, James Bell, Michaela Short